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5 Unmissable things to do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong may be relatively small in comparison with the likes of New York, Tokyo and London but don't let that put you off, there are still plenty of things to do that you won't want to miss. In this post we'll share with you our top 5 things to do in Hong Kong to ensure you have an amazing trip! 1) Get up to the Peak Hong Kong arguably has the best skyline in the world (it's my favourite anyway! [...]

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We Miss Google

Today was the day that we could go an pick up our Thailand visas. This has been worrying us because we have booked the whole of China based on them being ready today. Picking up the visas meant another early morning, we have been having too many of these lately. After a tense subway ride, walk and elevator we got our passports and visa, phew! Because we was already over on Victoria Harbour we deci [...]

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Reaching The Peak

Today was spent inside working in the new website, we ventured out for some food but the rest of the time we was locked away in out 2m X 2m box room working tirelessly to get this site live! We decided to try and catch the 8pm laser show across Victoria Harbour but after reaching the front we heard an announcement that it had been cancelled again due to bad weather. Even though it was seriously wi [...]

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Exploring Lantau Island

Initially we planned 4 nights in Hong Kong but as were having to wait until Monday to pick up our Thailand visas we’re extending our stay by 2 days. Unfortunately these 2 days fall on a weekend where it seems everyone is visiting Hong Kong! We really struggled to get a hotel and ended up paying over £60 a night to stay in another box room in the Chunking Mansions. There was plenty of lovely rooms [...]

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Chungking Mansions: Is it really that bad?

Should you stay in the Chungking Mansions? As you'll probably know from our blog, we stay in some pretty rough hotels in a bid to save the pennies. Currently, we're staying at the infamous Chungking Mansions in Hong Kong at a cost of around £25 per night. Whilst that's not exactly cheap for Asia, in a place like Hong Kong that is often visited by tourists with money to burn, it's very good value. [...]

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Haggling hard

We seem to have got in to a really bad habit of staying up late working on the website, and consequently getting up late. We surfaced at 10AM today feeling like we had wasted the morning, how do teenager’s justify getting up past midday! We had read about a "ladies market" that's a bout an hours walk north of our hotel. Further reading informed us that it's not actually selling Chinese women! By t [...]

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D-day for our Chinese visa

Today's the day we find out if we can get a visa for the rest of China or if our Chinese trip will start and end in Hong Kong. Applying for a visa here is actually quite common as you’re allowed into Hong Kong without any visa and can stay for 6 months, which is very different to the rest of China! Theres quite a few places that offer visas but we opted for a company called future bright based on [...]

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What’s going on?

What’s going on? People have stopped bowing at me and they’re no longer as polite. Everyone speaks English. Plug sockets are 3 pinned. Menus consist of non fish items. The traffic lights don’t beep to fun tunes. I have no complimentary pyjamas in my hotel room. Cars no longer look like boxes with wheels. There’s not a single umbrella in sight. Everyone has put on a few stones. Chocolate bars are n [...]

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