We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list.

Let’s go, Blue Jays

Heading down town by hitching a ride with Ryan as he went to work saved us forking out for another train ticket, the only down side was we was on foot all day. Firstly we drove to pick up his colleague Jeff, car pooling is big over here, there are even dedicated lanes for cars with two or more passengers so it really speeds up the trip. Jeff recommended that we jump out before they got to work so [...]

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Mixing burgers and rollercoasters [Inc. video]

This photo is how I imagine I would look if I had a face lift. It was taken whilst on the Leviathan rollercoaster at Canada’s Wonderland. We spent the day there thanks to my Cousin Ryan and his wife Nicole. Unlike back home where we have a 3 hour drive to get to Alton Towers, Canada’s Wonderland is just 20 minutes down the road from their house so we arrived on time when it opened at 10am. This wa [...]

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Next stop: Ryan and Nicole’s

Although we’ve seen Ryan and Nicole (my cousin and his wife) briefly since we got to Canada, we haven’t had chance to spend enough time with them and their 2 kids yet. Like Myra, they live in Richmond Hill and are only a short drive away. Ryan picked us up on his way home from work this evening to spend a few days at their place, and to give Myra a break from us! They have a little dog called Moe [...]

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Touring Rogers stadium

Today we met up with Michelle, Gary and Matthew again to do the Rogers stadium tour and attend a Greek street market. The stadium is used for both American Football and Baseball. There is a crew of 15 groundsmen that can convert the stadium from one to another in as quick as 10 hours. This is insane when we see how different they look. In a nutshell the artificial grass can all be rolled up, the l [...]

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The Bluffs

Myra took us all to Scarborough first thing this morning, this is where she used to live and is also another place in Canada that shares a place name with the UK. There seems to be a lot of these! Scarborough is home to the The Bluffs which is a public park that sits beneath cliff edges and looks out onto the Ontario Lake. There was some nice trails around the area that we walked, they took you to [...]

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Falling for Niagra

Our first stop today was Niagara on the Lake, a beautiful little town town with a long high street of quaint little gift shops, and most importantly ice cream shops. More on them later. We managed to get three hours parking and set off towards the lake which took us through the village, it looked like something from a postcard, everything was perfect. We got to the lake and found a nice pathway th [...]

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A taste of parenthood

Unfortunately a lot of my Dad’s side of the family live way too far away in Canada. This includes 3 aunties, an uncle, 4 of my cousins (all older than me) and then their 6 kids. As I’m an only child and am not really in touch with my Mum’s side of the family, this means almost all of the kids are hundreds of miles away. This is similar for Nick who also has very few little people in the family bac [...]

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Food, food, glorious food

I think we had almost forgotten what its like to sleep in a nice place. There was no crashing and banging, no cars revving outside and best of all no horrible smells. In the morning we was greeted by the lovely aroma of bacon and eggs, what a treat! We scurried down stairs to find the table all laid out for us and a delicious strawberry and banana smoothie. I think this is when it dawned on us tha [...]

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