We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list.

Best anniversary ever?

Waking up to the view of a fisherman 2 meters behind our camper was new to us. We watched him for a while and it seemed the fish were very good at taking his bait and not getting hooked, however he was probably just ripping their mouth apart by how hard he was yanking the rod each time he got a nibble. It has to be said that Hayley is very good at throwing me off the scent of what we was doing tod [...]

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To Infinity and beyond

When we was booking up all our trips and tours for the rest of Australia yesterday, I came across a website called BookMe. It seems similar to Viator and lists local attractions at knocked down prices. If you book a trip just a day before it leaves, there’s some massive savings to be had. As I was flicking through I noticed a trip along the canals around the Gold Coast reduced from $39 to $12 so I [...]

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