We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list.

Did the reef live up to the hype?

Today we were ticking off one of those things on most peoples bucket lists, diving on the great barrier reef. This was something we’d been looking forward to and was the main reason we did our open water certification in Thailand way back in November. The original plan was to take a dive trip from Cairns like most people as it’s generally closer to most of the reef. However after a bit of reading [...]

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Welcome to paradise

Unlike the last few days where we’ve been lazing around Airlie Beach lagoon, we got off our bums today for a boat trip to the Whitsunday Islands. Being a beach lover, this was something I was looking forward to as the famous Whitehaven beach is so often called the best beach in the world. There’s so many tour options when it comes to visiting the Whitsunday’s but we ended up going on one of the sp [...]

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A Koala is not a bear!

Reluctantly we left the Gold Coast this morning and headed north to Brisbane to visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. Lone Pine was the first, and is still the largest Koala sanctuary in Australia. Back in the early 20th century Koalas were hunted for their fur and it was not uncommon for a hunting party to kill 1300 Koalas in a single day. Eventually, due to public uproar, they were classified as [...]

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Best anniversary ever?

Waking up to the view of a fisherman 2 meters behind our camper was new to us. We watched him for a while and it seemed the fish were very good at taking his bait and not getting hooked, however he was probably just ripping their mouth apart by how hard he was yanking the rod each time he got a nibble. It has to be said that Hayley is very good at throwing me off the scent of what we was doing tod [...]

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To Infinity and beyond

When we was booking up all our trips and tours for the rest of Australia yesterday, I came across a website called BookMe. It seems similar to Viator and lists local attractions at knocked down prices. If you book a trip just a day before it leaves, there’s some massive savings to be had. As I was flicking through I noticed a trip along the canals around the Gold Coast reduced from $39 to $12 so I [...]

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Six free things to do in Sydney

There is no mistaking it, we are cheap skates and don’t like paying for anything. When we was in Las Vegas we loved the Las Vegas app because there was a “freeloader” section and we literally just ticked it all off like a list and it really helped us out. Arriving in Sydney we knew that we was on a tight budget for the 27 days we have in Australia so couldn’t do some of the ‘must do’ attractions l [...]

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Good Neighbours

Like most people our age, Nick and I were both hooked on Neighbours when we were younger. It followed perfectly into our daily routine after school, CBBC, Blue Peter and Newsround. Neither of us have watched it for about 15 years but as we’re in Melbourne it seemed like a tour of the set was a must. We could only remember a handful of characters which must be long gone by now, but we secretly hope [...]

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