It was a mad rush this morning to catch the 8am boat from Caye Caulker back to Belize’s mainland. We just about made it to the dock with our omelette tortilla from Aunties in hand. The rush seemed a little ironic when we got to the mainland and then had a 1 hour wait for the bus to Flores, Guatemala.

It was a small minibus that picked us up for the 6 hour border crossing. I thought it was going to be another one of those nightmare journeys we’re so familiar with from Asia, but fortunately the A/C was good and it was comfy enough.

I also thought the border crossing from Belize to Guatemala would take forever but that surprised me too. We were through in about 20 minutes and seeing people in uniform and official signs at both ends is actually unusual, as strange as that sounds. Still, a 10 year old boy met us on the other side in Guatemala and walked us to the immigration desks through what looked more like a building site/car park which was a bit weird. He then walked us back to our bus with a big smile on his face and said welcome to Guatemala! 🙂

We wanted to get out of our room the minute we checked in, it was really bad! The ceiling was covered in a combination of mould and dirt, the toilet smelt of a mixture of shit and drains and you couldn’t lay on the bed without the occasional ant losing his way and ending up on your arm. These ants were roaming back and forth above the headboard to pick up the remains of the bug pile in the corner under the bed, lovely. We both sat there wishing we could be back in Asia where this £30 a night would get us a nice, clean, modern 4 star hotel. Central America has really shocked me in terms of accommodation price/low standards.

Despite our room being more fit for rodents than humans, Flores as a place was brilliant and probably my favourite place in Central America so far. It’s a tiny colonial town on an island, (about 1km square) that’s surrounded by a beautiful lake. The narrow cobbled streets were very picturesque, they’re lined with multicoloured buildings and that have a very European feel to them. It’s a really nice atmosphere and other than the odd little red tuk tuk, there’s not too much traffic around.


We picked a place overlooking the sunset on the lakefront for dinner. Like a lot of the places along the waterfront, they had a rooftop terrace with some really relaxing views. Our food was delicious so I think we’ll be back, it was one of those organic lets save the world type places and it was a nice change to taste something fresh compared the junk we’re usually piled with.

Sadly it was then time to head back to spend the night with the pet ants.