We were back on our bike today, this time exploring the island of Bohol. It’s a 2 hour ferry away from where we’re staying in Cebu so it’s a popular day trip destination. The initial plan was to join one of the £30 mini bus tours and see all the sites. But then we thought why not just hire a bike when we get there and do it ourself at less than half the price (any excuse to get another bike).

Bohol island is world famous for it’s ‘chocolate hills’. Unfortunately they’re not liquid Cadbury erupting mountains flowing with caramel and marshmallows (sorry I’m day dreaming mm) but a collection of oddly shaped hills that, at the right time of year, are brown in colour.

I think cleverly marketing them as the ‘chocolate hills’ has probably helped visitor numbers more so than trying to drive tourists to some brown mounds of earth! Despite sounding quite boring, they were really unusual and it was quite a sight to see them with the mountainous, palm tree filled back drop which made them look very out of place.

The next stop worth mentioning (as the ‘Manmade forest wasn’t anything special) was the Tasian Monkey park. These rare little monkeys are the ones you’ll often see on memes across the internet and whilst I’d seen plenty of pictures I’d never seen one up close. Unbeknown to me, these little furballs are tiny, probably around the size of a clenched fist. They may be small but their huge Gollom-like eyes are actually quite scary!


The ferry back was filled with the usual splattering of desperate old Westerners with ridiculously young Filipino girls. This was probably worse in Thailand but I’ve seen it a lot here too. This one particular girl actually looked like she was going to be sick as this Englishman (probably 3 times her age) wrapped his hands all over. Poor girl, it’s sad to see but seems so common here.

Back in Cebu our joker of a taxi driver (who’s best line of the drive was ‘I think a lot of Filipino people are dumb!’) dropped us off at Tequila La La. This is a Mexican restaurant we’ve come to the 3rd time in a row in a bid to try the Nanchos that look oh so good on TripAdvisor. Day one it was closed, day two they were open BUT hadn’t received their daily delivery of Nanchos (you should have seen Nick’s face!), day three we got our Nanchos! And yes, they were well worth it!

nanchos tequila la la