Finally, today is BEACH DAY! We decided to take a look at Venice beach first because this seems to be where all the attractions are. We turned up and the parking was $17.50 so swiftly turned round and managed to find a 2 hours space for $4 which was perfect as we wanted to see Santa Monica as well. It turned out that this was just enough time all be it with a little run at the end to get back in time. We took some time to walk around the canals (hence the name Venice) and found out the houses there are worth millions even tho allot of them look like they could use a lick of paint. Venice beach is home to the famous Muscle Beach where no other than Arnold Schwarzenegger used to work out. I obviously took the opportunity to do some climbing training on the vertical ropes. I climbed up the rope with only my hands, and then did sets of chin-ups, dips and dead hangs. There was two ropes next to each other and on the last set I managed to go up with only one hand on each rope but man I ache now.

As I was having a cheeky workout I kept thinking “Hayley must be getting bored” but turns out she was fully occupied by some of the bigger boys! Once we was done here we headed over to the graffiti area where we could watch several artists creating amazing pieces, it was very cool to watch. Next was the skate park and then on to the little stools and shops. The best shop we found was the $40 medical Marijuana clinic, where you can go in and get prescribed medical Marijuana so you can go and pick it up from your local pharmacy!

We got to Santa Monica and guess what? There was slack lines so I spent a good 15 minutes honing my non existent skills, note to self, buy a slack line. For those who don’t know what a slack line is, it basically a ratchet strap between to posts or trees and you walk along it. Its hard but helps with balance and foot placement, so yeah its good for climbing. Then as I was talking to some cool Californian surfer dude he pointed a long line of 10 rings hanging from chains, the idea is you swing between them like on gladiator. I managed to get all the way along the 10 and back, which to my astonishment was more than some of the locals. We moved on to have a look at the amusement park on the pier but it was nothing that we had not seen in the UK so decided to settle down on the beach and relax for several hours in the sun, aahhh bliss.

After I was suitably burnt we decided to head down to Long Beach and check out our new Motel and could barely contain our excitement at the fact it had a microwave, HOT FOOOOOOD. The Motel itself is not to bad but again its in somewhat of a dodgy area, and typical LA, in the centre of somewhere and miles from everywhere. We decided to go to Walmart and pickup some cheap food as we have been over spending slightly. I talked Hayley in to getting a compact ring burner so we can cook tinned foods and noodles, this thing is awesome and my new favourite gadget. It cost $25 and $5 for the gas but now we can cook $0.20 noodles it will pay for itself in days!

Todays blog image may be slightly photoshopped!