Our 3 weeks in the UK are over and we’re back on the road (in an extremely small Red Kia!). We were up super early this morning and at Luton airport for 5am ready for the next stint of our travels. Starting with a week Iceland, we are heading back to Toronto to see family again for a few weeks and then plan to explore Central and South America for the first time.

Being back in the UK after 15 months was quite a strange experience, it’s amazing how little has changed yet how different it feels having experienced so many different cultures across the globe. It’s a very unique country with a way of life that feels more unusual to us now compared to the majority of the countries we’ve visited. After just a few days back we noticed just how hectic, rushed, busy and stressed people are. It’s all routine, routine, routine.

A few days after landing we went into a Co-Op and when paying I casually asked the cashier how she was? ‘BE BETTER IF I WERNT STUCK HERE’ was her response lol it was just missing an ‘INNIT’ on the end and I would have felt right back at home. Why are people so miserable in the UK? Life is so comfortable yet people mope around and complain about everything. I’m not expecting cashiers to bow at me like the Japanese but a smile wouldn’t go a miss 🙂

Another thing we noticed that we didn’t find obvious before we left was just how materialistic the country is. I don’t mean to offend anyone but the whole ‘keeping up with the Jones’ culture is unlike anywhere else in the world. It’s a very superficial society where looking popular on Instagram is sadly many peoples biggest ambition. It’s quite funny how much happier people appear in places in SE Asia despite having a fraction of the comforts we do in the UK. Travelling has definitely made us realise just how little you really need in life.

Anyway back to Iceland. We know very little about the country other than they are better than us at football and 54% of their population believe elves exist. I’m sure we’ll learn a little more over the next week 🙂

Iceland is the first time we’re using Air BnB which may sound strange considering we’ve been travelling 15 months. Hotels are stupidly expensive here so we got a 1 bedroom apartment just outside of Reykjavik for the week. We were pleasantly surprised upon checking in, it’s really spacious and great value (there’s even a washing machine yay!).


We spent our first day in the apartment relaxing as we have been non-stop for 3 weeks in the UK. It was nice to just sit down and do nothing for a few hours, we even watched TV for the first time in 3 weeks! In a bid to save pennies we popped to the local supermarket and realised people were not lying to us when they said Iceland was expensive! It seriously makes the UK look cheap, £40 later we came out with about 7 items and what must be the worlds most expensive chicken breasts. It’s a good job the parents have ploughed us with ridiculous amounts of food in the UK as I fear we may not be eating much here 🙂

Later in the week we’re planning to drive the ‘Golden triangle’ and go on a few hikes to explore the beautiful scenery. We’ll also visit some of the famous sites such as the Geiser, Blue Lagoon, Lake Myvatn and take a wonder around Reykjavik so check back in a few days!