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Hayley Coutinho

About Hayley Coutinho

Before leaving her day job to travel the world Hayley studied Marketing and went on to work for a digital marketing agency where she specialised as a paid search consultant. Hayley has always had a passion for property investment and over the past 4 years, alongside her day job, she has built a property portfolio that has enabled her to quit her job and travel the world. Aside from property investment, Hayley enjoys spending time with friends and family, enjoying good meals out and watching her beloved Arsenal.

A new experience: Volcano boarding

After 18 months of continuous travel it has become hard to find new experiences, things that we haven’t done already or places that are truly unique. Although cultures, architecture, religions and ways of life vary massively across the world, the ‘touristy’ activities often remain quite similar. For example most places we go, whether it be in Asia or Central America, usually have ‘must see’ waterf [...]

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Cobbled streets of Antigua

After a coffee fuelled night of working till 3am, my work was done and we was free to explore Antigua today. Despite the late night, I couldn’t sleep and we were both up by 8am so we headed for an early breakfast in our B&B. The owners of this quaint little house are really sweet and tried their best last night when we checked in to understand our terrible Spanish. We were soon served a plate [...]

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Border crossings to Flores

It was a mad rush this morning to catch the 8am boat from Caye Caulker back to Belize’s mainland. We just about made it to the dock with our omelette tortilla from Aunties in hand. The rush seemed a little ironic when we got to the mainland and then had a 1 hour wait for the bus to Flores, Guatemala. It was a small minibus that picked us up for the 6 hour border crossing. I thought it was going to [...]

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First world problems

It’s day two in Caye Caulker and our hopes of a relaxing day of reading and dipping in and out of the sea were ruined by two first world problems, 1. The awful Wi-Fi and 2. The hassles of washing. I did about 4 hours of PPC work last night and woke up to double check it all before sending it over. This took about 10 minutes but the following 2 hours were spent trying to get the file sent! The 10mb [...]

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Our first Cenote

We finally found somewhere cheap to eat yesterday (something that is proving difficult in Mexico!). So the day was started at the bakery loading up on cheap carbs that left us feeling very bleurgh as we got back on our bikes. We were riding to the grand cenote this morning, it’s about 5km from our hotel and we wanted to get there for opening time at 8am so it was an early start. We had never been [...]

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Diving down to the museum

Neither of us like museums. Even when they are free, we regret going in and are bored within 5 minutes. However, there is the worlds largest underwater museum here on Isla Mujere and as we love diving we thought we would give it a go today. We were at the Dive shop for 8:30 and out on their boat ready to go by 9:30. It was a short 10 minute trip to the dive site and we were soon jumping in. It’s a [...]

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7 Miles of Beauty

I didn’t really know what to expect from The Cayman Islands today. We stopped off at Montego Bay in Jamaica yesterday and as this is the neighbouring island I wondered how similar it would be. Whilst the beaches we saw in Montego Bay were undoubtably stunning, I can’t say I loved the place. That’s the problem with cruises though, you’re only shown one place and the mass tourism has probably alread [...]

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A lot of chest in Key West

Our plan today was to drive down to Key West as it’s our last day with the car. We woke up to very overcast and rainy skies but decided to go anyway.. The drive from our motel in Homestead is about 2.5 hours and although I nodded off for parts of it, it’s a very nice drive down. We went over the famous 7 mile bridge with lovely views out to sea either side. It was surprising how blue the water was [...]

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