Unfortunately a lot of my Dad’s side of the family live way too far away in Canada. This includes 3 aunties, an uncle, 4 of my cousins (all older than me) and then their 6 kids. As I’m an only child and am not really in touch with my Mum’s side of the family, this means almost all of the kids are hundreds of miles away. This is similar for Nick who also has very few little people in the family back home and only a handful of our close friends have kids. So this means being around children is a rarity! We’ve only ever been asked to babysit once and were later cancelled on, which is probably a good thing as we really wouldn’t have a clue what to do! This all changed today as we spent much of the day surrounded by little munchkins!

The day started the best way possible, waking up to the smell Zita making us bacon sandwiches mmm. After that we headed into Georgetown and got Zita a little thank you present for putting up with us for the past few days (she probably has no food left in the house thanks to us). Whilst in town we got talking to pretty much everyone who heard our accents as it is always followed by ‘where are you from?… Do you know the Queen?’ Funnily we actually met a shopkeeper who was from Liverpool, her scouse accent stood out like a sore thumb amongst all the Canadians!

We headed to Michelle (my cousin) and Gary’s home afterwards which is also in Georgetown. After getting over how lovely their house was we had some lunch (yes, we have been eating constantly in Canada!) which was delicious as usual (I am the exception in the family when it comes to being a great cook, noodles anybody?).

Full of meatballs, we headed to the local ice rink to meet Michelle’s husband Gary as he works there. This was awesome as Nick, Matthew (Michelle’s son) and I got to go ice skating and had the whole rink to ourselves! Gary also supplied us ice hockey gear, skates, hockey sticks and helmets. After remembering how to stay upright we all had fun attempting to play but I am sure Michelle and Gary were laughing at us as they watched. I think Matthew stole the show though as he looked so cute in his little hockey kit and put us to shame scoring past us a few times. I think we need some more practice.


When we got back we were joined by Michelle’s brother Ryan, his wife Nicole and their two kids. It was lovely to meet their children for the first time, their both adorable, there’s definitely some cute kid genes in my family! As we hadn’t eaten for about 23 minutes it was obviously time for another meal so Michelle ordered us all Dominos which was followed by these amazing home made cookies from Nicole. It was then time to hit the local pool with the kids, this was a lot of fun, there was a rope you could swing from into the water and hot tub/sauna. Throwing Matthew around and racing him (he set some very suspect rules for these races) on a full belly of pizza was not easy, I think Nick and I were more tired than the kids afterwards!


So we made it through our first full day being trusted around children, phew! We’re still not broody (sorry Mum and Wendy) but we had a great time with some great kids 🙂

Completely off topic, but for the record, we’ve probably stayed in 50 different beds since we left the UK and Michelle and Gary’s spare room wins the comfiest bed ever award!