It seems making an omelette in Sri Lanka is quite a tricky task. This morning’s breakfast took a record breaking 40 minutes to be served!

After the world’s slowest breakfast we grabbed a tuk tuk to Weligama station and waited for our train to our next stop, Galle. We had been told by an English couple to avoid Galle as its very upmarket, full of boutique shops, nice restaurants and tourists. Instead they told us to stay in the neighbouring town for a more Sri Lankan experience.

Obviously we smiled, agreed and then went ahead and booked in Galle anyway. The sound of a bit of luxury was music to our ears as the past 10 days in Sri Lanka have been the complete opposite. I’ve been longing for a clean room and some decent food.

Arriving in Galle we wasn’t disappointed, our hotel was in Galle Fort and it was the first place in Sri Lanka I can say I actually liked the look of. The hotel was basic but our room was immaculate. It was so nice having air con again, we set it as cold as possible and laid underneath for half hour before we did anything else 🙂 it’s also nice not having to share our room with thousands of ants, which seems to come as standard at any hotel under £30 over here.

As we only have one day in Galle we had to brave the sun and go exploring. We took a slow walk around the Fort walls that looked out onto the sea and saw where all the old turrets were. The fort was originally created in 1666 by the Dutch to protect their spice trade and the European feel of the area is still strong today. Interestingly the Dutch governor lives in one of the hotels within the Fort. It’s a pleasant walk and for the first time in Sri Lanka we wasn’t surrounded by mayhem and constant beeping, there was even moments where we could only hear the waves below us.

Within the Fort walls is a grid of guest houses, restaurants and small boutiques. The buildings are very weathered but colourful and the restaurants and shops are quirky and have an artsy feel to them. It feels more like an old European town than anything you’d expect in Asia, except for the tuk tucks whizzing around of course. Most shops sell jewellery and gems so needless to say we were more keen on finding a good place to eat.

Nicks been craving a burger and a place around the corner called rocket burger was highly rated on Tripadvisor. We both left disappointed though, at £4 each these burgers sucked. Mine had so many gritty bits in that I didn’t bother finishing it (I think I’ll go back to the veggie diet again). In the evening we stuck to what we knew and went to Crepeology and both had Nutella crepes and milkshakes, mmm much better.

Back in the room we took advantage of the fast Wi-Fi (this is so rare) and streamed a few episodes of Arrow before bed. No buffer face, no ants, air con and and a comfy bed. Amazing.