The original plan today was to meet Max and Daria early this morning on the beach so Nick could climb with them. However, within about 5 minutes of him getting up this morning, he quickly changed his mind and said he would just watch. I couldn’t believe Nick was turning down the chance to climb (this never happens!). But then again, both his hands are cut to pieces and he woke up hobbling around because he cut his foot on a slack line last night. Wounded soldier.

Whilst watching Max climb Nick and I were basically getting eaten alive, we both got loads of bites up our legs and decided to head back to the pool for a few hours. The mosquitos are really bad here! Tonsai Bay is very green, it’s jungle like and the current climate is perfect for hungry mosquitos. We’ll be leaving very itchy.

It was nice to relax around the pool for a bit as we are both so tired from yesterday’s adventures. But before long we realised it was time to head back out to meet Max and Daria again as they were going to take us to a lagoon near Phra Nang beach. Arriving at the entrance to trail that takes you to the lagoon we met lots of people arriving back. They were all very out of breath, covered in mud and were telling us how hard it is to get up. There was also huge sign warning not to go up in the rain or after dark. How bad could it be we thought?

The first part of the climb wasn’t too bad, it was still very slippery and wet but the fact we had trainers on helped a lot. Most people were attempting it with flip-flops! After about 20 minutes we arrived at a cross point where we could go left to a viewing point or right to the lagoon. We started with the viewing point, and what a view it was, easily the best we’ve seen in Thailand. From up there we had the perfect view across Krabi’s shoreline and could see Tonsai Bay, Railay East and West beaches as well as all the blanket of palm trees and stunning mountains.


Next stop the lagoon. This is where it got harder, the ground became more of a sludgy mud that you would just sink into and the non sludgy parts were as slippery as ice. There were ropes in places to help you keep upright but as we got closer to the lagoon we were faced with 3 vertical down climbs and the rock face was slick with mud. We managed the first but the second was wetter and the rock faces very sharp. One bad move and you’ll probably fall to your death. We kind of like our lives right now so we decided the lagoon wasn’t quite worth the risk.

Max and Daria are way more adventurous than us, they carried on whilst we made our way to safe ground. On the way to the lagoon there is a huge tree that dwarfs everything else in it’s surroundings, the trunk was so unusual, unlike anything we had every seen before.


A few minutes before we made it back to the trail entrance a storm erupted and the heavens opened on a big scale. People were really struggling to get down with all the mud and slippery surfaces. We was worried about Max and Daria as nobody had seen them returning but fortunately after about 20 minutes they came into sight, they were soaking wet and covered in mud but seemed unfazed and just happy they made it to the lagoon. Well done to them, I think they were the only ones to get there!

It was getting late by now so we all set off back to Tonsai Bay. Being as we were all covered in mud we stopped off for a quick swim at Railay beach. The heavens then decided to open again and just as we got to the beach everyone on it was running to shelter but that wasn’t going to stop us. The sea was lovely and warm and more importantly we came out looking less like we’d been rolling around in mud, we even kept our trainers on!


Next on the agenda was our first Thai massage. It’s been a long, tiring day so a relaxing massage was what we were after. What we got on the other hand was borderline painful. You can read in a bit more detail about what it involved in my blog post What to expect from a Thai Massage. For £3 we got hour-long massages, which is great value, but don’t expect peace and tranquillity to be included in the price.

It had been raining heavily whilst we were getting our massages so the local frogs were out in force. As I walked out two of them literally started chasing me, all the locals found it really amusing how scared I was of them. I must be the only one to be scared of frogs!

We met up with Daria and Max for dinner at a restaurant next to the Chill Out Bar. The bar had a live reggae band on playing some classics as we tucked into dinner that was perfect end to our few days in Tonsai. To make it even better, when we looked round we saw this tiny grey bundle of fluff wobbling around before falling off a step. Being the crazy cat lady that I am had to go and see this tiny kitten. The staff must have realised how much I love cats and put her on my lap, she was the cutest thing I have ever seen! I think she was a British shorthair and it turned out she was only 20 days old. After prodding around on my and licking my fingers she fell asleep in the palm of my hand, it was hard to give her back when we had to leave but I nick-20-week-old-catthink we would have a hard time exiling why there is a cat in our luggage.

It was then also time to say goodbye to Max and Daria who have been great company over the past couple of days. If you’re reading, thanks so much for showing us the sights of Tonsai and we look forward to meeting up again, after you have been to south america!

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