We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list.

A lot of chest in Key West

Our plan today was to drive down to Key West as it’s our last day with the car. We woke up to very overcast and rainy skies but decided to go anyway.. The drive from our motel in Homestead is about 2.5 hours and although I nodded off for parts of it, it’s a very nice drive down. We went over the famous 7 mile bridge with lovely views out to sea either side. It was surprising how blue the water was [...]

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Docking up in the Bahamas

Upon waking we realised we was docked in Nassau. This was our first breakfast on board and we was disappointed by the buffet, everything was cold so tomorrow we will go for the sit down option, the only good part was the view of the Bahamas Atlantis Hotel from the window. It’s strange to be here as we almost booked Atlantis years ago when our Mexico holiday was canceled because of the swine flu ou [...]

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Cruising off to the sunset

After way too much walking this morning we finally arrived at Miami's port for our first ever cruise! Upon arrival we was told our itinerary had changed and we would only be going to one destination in The Bahamas and not the two we had booked, “Hurricane Matthew” was banded around a bit. I was pretty pissed off and tried to complain but was told no one here deals with customer issues and I would [...]

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