We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list.

Pleasure and pain

Today was a mixture of pleasure of pain. First came the pain. We set out at 9am to hike up Mount Esjan, at the summit it’s 914 meters high and is a well trodden and popular hiking spot for day trippers. It started of fairly pleasant, the sun was shining, we were following a pretty little river and the crisp fresh air was nice. It wasn’t long though until my legs reminded me that I haven’t hiked an [...]

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South coast road trip

Having ticked off the Golden Circle yesterday, today’s plan was to explore some of the south of the island. First up was Black Beach, a famous beach about 3 hours drive from Reykjavik. It was a long old drive and being in a tiny Kia Picanto (that really struggles doing things cars should find quite easy like changing gears and going up hills) made the journey feel much longer. The beach was the fi [...]

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Iceland’s not so circular Golden Circle

The ‘Golden Circle’ is one the most popular places to travel in Iceland. Why it’s called a circle I don’t know as it’s more of a straight line but anyway, it’s basically three different sites: The Þingvellir National Park, The Geyser and Gullfoss Waterfall. The whole triangle can be done within 4 hours or so and it’s relatively close to Reykjavik where most people are based on their trip. Þingvell [...]

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Backpacks are back on!

Our 3 weeks in the UK are over and we’re back on the road (in an extremely small Red Kia!). We were up super early this morning and at Luton airport for 5am ready for the next stint of our travels. Starting with a week Iceland, we are heading back to Toronto to see family again for a few weeks and then plan to explore Central and South America for the first time. Being back in the UK after 15 mont [...]

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