We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list.

Best beach in the world (so far)

I think some of my most memorable days in Asia have come on the back of a motorbike. There’s something about getting out of the busy towns, going off the beaten track and exploring on a whim that’s really exciting. We always stumble across sites we never knew existed and it’s fascinating to see the locals in a more real life setting away from the tourist traps, . Today was another day to add to th [...]

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Island hopping in El Nido

Our first El Nido island hopping trip, after much deliberation yesterday, and walking around to get the best deal, we was at the meeting point for 9 AM and taken to the beach. Our guide pointed to our boat and we all looked at each other and nodded and waited, apparently we didn’t understand what he had meant. There is your boat, wade out to it, and get on! With the camera and both laptops in the [...]

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Is the Philippines more beautiful than Thailand?

It’s our second full day in Coron today and our plan was to go diving as there are some famous wreck sites dotted around the island. My ear had other ideas though and has been aching for a few days so with diving off the cards we settled on doing an island hopping tour, not a bad consultation prize! These island hopping tours seem to be the only thing (other than diving) to do in Coron. It’s a tin [...]

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Bali by bike

Today we actually got out of the hotel and went to explore Bali by motorbike, it’s our last day here after all so it’s now or never! It’s a fairly big island so we were never going to fit everything in one day so we picked out a few top recommendations and set off. After filling up the tank for a grand total of £1 (How am I ever going to get used to UK fuel prices again?!) we took a drive up to Ub [...]

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Diving in Tulamben

There is a very small coastal town on the east coast of Bali that not many people have heard of called Tulamben. We were told about Tulamben when diving on the Great Barrier Reef with a German diving instructor. It turns out this tiny little village is home to one of the best wreck dives in the world! The USAT Liberty The USAT Liberty was a US Army cargo ship that was just off the coast of Bali in [...]

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We’ve hit the button, at last!

I know a lot of people who follow our Facebook page and blog are in the property circles, and therefore may have an interest in selling on Amazon too. This is something we wanted to get into well over 18 months ago before we went travelling but to be honest we’ve just been too lazy and have been putting it off. We kept saying to ourselves ‘oh we’ll do it when we are travelling, we’ll have so much [...]

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Did the reef live up to the hype?

Today we were ticking off one of those things on most peoples bucket lists, diving on the great barrier reef. This was something we’d been looking forward to and was the main reason we did our open water certification in Thailand way back in November. The original plan was to take a dive trip from Cairns like most people as it’s generally closer to most of the reef. However after a bit of reading [...]

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