We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list.

£20,000 Later – How far has it gotten us?

This post is a little over due because we hit the £20,000 spend a few weeks ago after leaving Singapore. I also believe this post will be quite controversial as a ‘proper traveller’ could quite easily make the £20,000 go a lot further. Since day one we’ve kept track of every penny we’ve spent, from buying a carton of milk to each nights accommodation. So it’s quite easy for us to pull this all fro [...]

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One of the best hikes on the planet?

Since Banff in Canada we have been a bit sceptical about doing other hikes as we just didn’t think anything would ever match the beauty of the Lake Louise and 6 glacier trail. However, New Zealand has the Tongariro crossing, a 19.6 km hike that has often been named the best day hike in the world. We had to find out if these claims were true! It was an early start due to the sheer length of this wa [...]

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Hobbits for the day

I was really looking forward to today, we was going to visit Hobbiton, the most recognisable set from the Lord of the Rings. We was booked on the 1PM showing but got delayed leaving our hotel, and the 2 hours drive was a peddle to the metal thrash to get there on time. Fortunately we made it, so what can you expect from a tour of Hobitton? It all started when Peter Jackson was flying over the nort [...]

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My top 15 WOW moments

Whilst in China on a cruise of Guilin’s beautiful Li River, Nick and I spent a lot of time on the top deck chatting to a guy from New Zealand named Ian. Despite meeting 4 months ago, fortunately he had not forgotten us when we reached his hometown of Christchurch recently and he was even kind enough to invite us over for dinner (thanks again Ian!). Anyway, to cut a long story short, Ian has travel [...]

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