We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list.

Wanaka, what a cracka

Waking up right next to one of the most beautiful lakes in New Zealand was a real treat this morning, it was somewhat distorted by the amount of condensation on the windows but still beautiful. It was dark when we arrived here yesterday so I quickly grabbed my camera and ran to the shoreline to take a few snaps, there was even a rainbow. Hayley is on a bit on a health kick at the moment and really [...]

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Happy Valentines

To be honest we both completely forgot it was Valentines day when we woke up this morning. It took me about half hour to remember and I’m pretty sure Nick would have gone all day without realising :) Like Christmas, we didn’t plan to celebrate Valentines and as we have no space for things we can’t exactly buy each other anything to keep. So instead I just got Nick a number of edible items and hid [...]

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Welcome to the skies

Knowing we had a bed for the next few nights took the pressure off a bit and we headed to Fox Glacier for today’s main activity, Sky Diving. We had always wanted to do a skydive over Dubai but on further reading apparently the conditions there are generally not the best (too much sand). But upon doing some research we came across Fox Glacier apparently the second best Sky Dive in the world thanks [...]

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Good Neighbours

Like most people our age, Nick and I were both hooked on Neighbours when we were younger. It followed perfectly into our daily routine after school, CBBC, Blue Peter and Newsround. Neither of us have watched it for about 15 years but as we’re in Melbourne it seemed like a tour of the set was a must. We could only remember a handful of characters which must be long gone by now, but we secretly hope [...]

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The Garden City

I finally got to enjoy the buffet breakfast at the hotel this morning without my stomach cramping up on me. We talk about food way too much on this blog so I won’t go into detail, but WOW, what a spread. I wish we could stay 5* more often. The plan today was to check out Gardens By The Bay, the most highly rated thing to see in Singapore. They call Singapore ‘The Garden City’ and it’s no wonder wh [...]

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Flower power

As predicted we spent the whole of yesterday in bed. Neither of us felt up to leaving the hotel and we could barely touch a thing at breakfast (if you know us, you’ll know this is rare!). We were gutted as there is so much we want to see in Singapore and we’ve basically wasted our first two days. We still weren’t 100% this morning but we forced ourselves out to visit the famous Botanical Gardens. [...]

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All aboard in Milford Sounds

So we made it through the night sleeping in the car without a knock at the window from Milford Sounds Lodge’s staff. Before setting off for today’s cruise we thought it would only be right to make use of their showers and kitchen seen as we’d already used the car park as a hotel. Stealing someones bacon from the fridge was probably a step too far so we made do with our eggs and beans and then made [...]

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A breath of fresh air

It was like landing on another planet this morning when we arrived in Singapore from India. As the day went on I started to realise that we probably couldn’t have picked anywhere in the world to go that would be more of a contrast to life in India. The two really are chalk and cheese. And if India’s the chalk, it’s so, so nice to be surrounded in cheese! It may sound stupid but the first thing I n [...]

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