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Visiting ‘THE’ Beach

Today was my Mum’s birthday and we had a great day planned visiting the Phi Phi Islands. It was an early start, the ferry left at 8:30 and it was a 40 minute drive so begrudgingly we set the alarms for 7. The ferry was very different from the ones we are used to, there was row upon row of seats just like an aeroplane and we was sitting really low in the boat. It was a actually quite comfortable an [...]

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Dizzy heights

The day started with a trip to Phuket town, the largest town on the island but possibly the one with the least to do. After finding a parking space, a 6 seater Tuk Tuk driver approached us and said for £8 he would drive us around all day. We told him that we would like to go to the old town market first and then up to the top of Khoa Rang mountain to see the city view and monkeys, have lunch and t [...]

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All aboard to see Phuket’s Buddha

In Asia you'll see your fair share of ‘Big Buddhas' 'in each country, Hong Kong and Kyoto were home to the other ginormous Buddha's we've seen along the way. As the parents are with us this week and their chances of seeing a big Buddha in the UK are non existent, we thought we'd head on up Nagakerd mountain in the South of Phuket this morning to see Thailand's version of a Big Buddha. The drive up [...]

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Are we really ‘travelling’?

This is a question we often ask ourselves when we see a free spirit pass by with a huge rucksack, dreadlocks, bandanna and flip-flops. Their packs are always a lot bigger than ours, generally have sleeping bags strapped to them and are often covered in dirt. These people look a lot more ‘travelled’ than us, so are we really travelling? Of course we are travelling, we are always moving from place t [...]

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How we’re self managing our portfolio from afar

As you may well know, we are currently travelling the world on the income from our property portfolio. Even though we have been out of the country for 5 months and do not plan on returning for another 12 months or so, the decision not to use a letting agent was an easy one for us. In the property circles there is always a big emphasis on leveraging other peoples time, and getting an agent to manag [...]

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