We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list.

The first 10 things we learnt about Vietnam

It’s our first day in Vietnam today and the morning was spent on a 4 hour coach trip from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay. Luckily the tour guide spoke English and filled our brains with lots of local knowledge so here’s the first 10 things we learnt about Vietnam … The average salary for a city job is around £200 - £250 per month Farmers can expect to make between £60 - £120 per month 70% of Vietnamese peop [...]

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All aboard in Vietnam

With China behind us, it’s our first full day in Vietnam today! There’s a few things I won’t miss about China like the constant spitting, being breathed on all the time and the rudeness off some people. But on the other hand I’m surprised at how much I enjoyed my time there, we had some of our best days there since leaving the UK. Many people, us included, would overlook China as a possible holida [...]

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10 things that surprised me about China

Our 4 weeks in China have been great, the experience has been unforgettable and we've seen some of the most famous places on earth and enjoyed scenic spots that have taken our breath away! It has been quite a culture shock though and many things have differed to what we were expecting. Read on and find out what has surprised us the most.. 1) Spitting This has to go first as it's the most shocking. [...]

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Wonder Wall

You probably remember that I was moaning about having to get up early, well today was a new record, 6:00! We struggled out of bed, splashed some water on our face and struggled downstairs. Whilst waiting in reception we met a couple from the Netherlands that had travelled to Beijing via train from Moscow, this had taken them over 80 hours, thats insane! A small minibus turns up with a chap that sp [...]

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Smelly cat, smelly cat

To my surprise I was scrolling through TripAdvisor the other night and noticed there was a Friends themed Central Perk cafe in Beijing, I wouldn’t have thought Friends would be that big over here but I guess I was wrong. I wanted to visit one of these in New York back in June but unfortunately the set I had heard about was only ever temporary. We set off for the Beijing version this morning hoping [...]

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Having a gander at the pandas

Most people head to Chengdu to see China’s famous Giant Pandas but this would have meant another flight and an extra £300 for us. So, instead, as a second best, we went to Beijing zoo today to get a glimpse. When you think of China, pandas are one of the first things people associate with the country and neither of us had ever seen a panda up close so this was a must for us! Upon arrival we couldn [...]

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How to get started in property investment

How to get started in property investment is a very open question, it really all depends on what type of investing you want to be doing. However we have always given the same advice. Stop spending so much and start saving, you will need some money behind you if you are going to get into property investing and be successful. Of course there are ways to invest and be successful in property by using [...]

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China tea scam exposed

We would consider ourselves quite switched on when it comes to recognising scammers and people out to rip us off. However, for the first time on our travels, we was very close to being scammed in Shanghai by two very friendly Chinese ‘students’. We’ve shared our story so you’ll be aware should you ever be approached in a similar way. An innocent approach Walking along in Shanghai trying to find on [...]

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