We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list.

A golden view

Fortunately the TripAdvisor ‘best tourist attraction of 2015’ in the whole of Japan is right on our hotel doorstep. The Fushimi Inari Taisha is a very large shrine complex built on the side of a “mountain”, it's more of a big hill, but never the less it was a 5 mile hike up to the top and back with more steps than I care to imagine (I am writing this on the train and my legs are still shaking!). W [...]

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Online letting agents, hit or miss?

My first experience with an online agent Those of you that know me will know that I'm a cheapskate! If there's a cheaper way to do something, I usually will. So for that reason, when I sold my first house I opted to use an online estate agent instead of a typical traditional high street one.Whilst I've never used a traditional agent to sell a house (so have no comparison), I have to say my experie [...]

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Monkeying around

Ahh it was nice to sleep in a bed last night and have our own bathroom! The last 3 nights have been spent sleeping in very cheap traditional Japanese rooms which has meant sleeping on the floor and having to share bathrooms. The last one didn't even have a western style toilet so I had no choice but to squat down and embrace Japanese style peeing! This is pretty much the only negative for me in Ja [...]

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Ticking off two Osaka must do’s

Osaka Castle can be seen from miles away, it really stands out amongst an otherwise mainly modern skyline. On approach to the castle we were offered to dress up and have our photo taken in front, complete with samurai swords! Surprisingly, like a lot of touristy things in Japan, this was free. The castle is built up on battlements with ramparts running round the edges. We found out that the wall [...]

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Bags packed and ready to leave Nara for Osaka we decided to visit two more temples that are just a few stops on the train from our hotel. Getting off the train we realised we was in a very rural area, crops growing along the side of the road and small houses dotted everywhere, a complete contrast to Tokyo and Nara. Heading down a small side road it was not long before we got to the first stop, Yak [...]

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Reaching the heights of Nara

After not quite getting everything in Nara park done yesterday we set off to tick off the two main attractions that we missed, the hike up Mount Wakakusa and the Isuien gardens. The gardens were closer and on the way to the mountain so it seemed like a good idea to do them first. The problem was they are impossible to find. After getting totally lost we decided to just head for Mount Wakakusa. Mou [...]

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10 Must have apps for travelling

I know, I know, you're supposed to cut yourself off from technology and become a free spirit when you travel the world. We should be growing dreadlocks and spending our time singing around campfires in the woods not using apps! We set off with quite a bit of tech in tow, against many people's advice we took two Android phones, an 11" MacBook Air, Kindles, an iPod Shuffle and a DLSR. We don't regre [...]

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The highlight of Japan?

Nara, the heart of Japan! After traveling 200mph (and spending a fortune) on the Bullet Train we arrived in Kyoto, a quick platform swap to a JR train and here we are! Today is our first full day in Nara, we didn't do anything when we arrived yesterday apart from exploring the area around our hotel, which for us, is actually quite central. Heading to the famous Nara park we stumbled upon the Naram [...]

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