Hello! We’re Hayley and Nick, a couple from the UK who recently set out on a once in a lifetime adventure to travel the world. We met in 2009 and in 2011, when many of our friends were settling down to marry and have children, we decided we were nowhere near ready for that and needed to travel the world first!

The problem was we’re both too sensible with money, neither of us wanted to save up for this trip only to come back to the UK one day potentially penneyless to start again. So at this point we decided to invest in property to generate passive income to fund our travels. Fortunately property investment is something we had common interest in, it’s probably down to Sarah Beeny being on TV so much in our teenage years :). We set ourself a goal in 2011 to generate enough monthly passive income from property to travel or live anywhere in the world. We knew the figure we had in mind wouldn’t be enough to fly first class, eat at Michelin starred restaurants and stay in 5* hotels each night but expected it to be enough to travel modestly.

Three and a half years of hard work followed, we juggled our full time jobs with house renovation after house renovation. Most of our evenings were spent in freezing cold houses, knee deep in tile adhesive or paint. The only time we got out at weekends was usually to the tip!

The hard work paid off though and by late 2014 we had met our goal. By now though we’d caught the property bug and actually decided to squeeze one more purchase in before we left. Finally, the day came where we both quit our jobs and on 8th June 2015 we left the UK to fulfil our dream and see the world!



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